Home Automation

Technology is supposed to simplify our lives.  Well, that doesn’t always work too well, especially when you try applying it at home.  Imagine the convenience of being able to control the heating/cooling, door locks, cameras and lighting in your home from a single app on your phone.  It would all work seamlessly without you having to worry about integrating all the different brand names of gadgets and programming the components.

Sounds good so far, but wait… how are you going to make sure that no-one hacks your WiFi network and breaches your home devices?

You will need the skill set and time to design, wire, program and make sure it all works securely.  If you don’t want the headache and frustration of deploying and supporting your home tech, then let IT² Power help you.  Our team will help you plan and deploy an affordable solution tailored around your wants and needs.  We believe that technology should allow you to enjoy life as it was intended to be, without the aggravation.

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