IP Surveillance

All video captured by your surveillance system is stored digitally, allowing authorized personnel to securely access recorded and live footage via a web browser or an app on their smartphone anywhere in the world.

Software could make cameras smart, telling them to track objects and when to issue alerts or switch from full color to infrared recording when it gets dark.

Installing cameras is as easy as plugging them into a network jack without the need for a power adapter or power outlet.

Cameras capture sharper, high resolution images allowing you to see fine details like a person’s face or license plate number.

You could search and scroll through hours of motion-only video footage fast and automatically from multiple cameras.

This is all possible today through IP Video Surveillance systems. Even if you have existing analog cameras, we can easily integrate them into an IP camera system. Our team can help you design, deploy and support your camera system alongside your IT data and voice infrastructures. We can also train your staff to monitor and manage the camera system.

Contact us so we can schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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